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P K AluInfra (P K A I) has been on the forefront of discovering & developing new applications accoding to the changing needs. In this process, its enviable client base continues to be steady in its commitment, & loyal while constantly growing in size.

Our team, of fabricators & converters, has done marvelous job in the field of Structural glazing, ACM cladding, Capsule lift covering, Polycarbonate Roofing, Retractable Roofing System, etc. In a short span of time P K A I, has gained reputation through the most dynamic team & cohesive unit of professionals. P K A I is proud to firmly believe in PROFESSIONALISM, COMMITMENT, & DETERMINATION.

P K A I is dedicated to the specialist design, procurement and installation of curtainwall systems for industrial, commercial and public buildings. The superiority of our industry leading, pre-glazed, unitized curtainwall design has created significant improvement in the overall performance of building envelopes.

Control in the shop of the glazing and sealing of curtainwall has assured integrity of the system. Advance detailing of interface conditions guarantees a smooth transition from wall to structure and perimeter conditions


PK AluInfra (P) Ltd., which began operations in 2005, specializes in the design, engineering and installation of high-end specialty curtain wall systems, including glass curtain walls, metal curtain walls, roofing systems, and related products, for public works projects and commercial real estate.

PKAI has designed and installed nearly one hundred projects throughout India, including “Project Details”.

Creative Vision for the Project