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We have 154 full-time workers and supervisors who are engaged on our projects.

Our installation teams consist of highly-trained, skilled and experienced field operatives with established lines of communication between the work site, the technical design department and the factory, ensuring that clients are provided with optimum and cost-effective practical solutions. Site installation is managed through our trained project management staff, and each project has a dedicated project team. On site there are a number of our supervisors who are each responsible for a different section of the curtain wall project. Each supervisor typically manages 30 to 50 of our workers.

A small project may have just one work team while a very large project may have five or more. Because the workers are all trained by us and are familiar with the workflow process, they can work on any project in any location.

Our project supervisors are often internally developed from our pool of workers. Occasionally, we will hire additional contract labor for specific sections of a very large project or if there are several projects being installed simultaneously, but these extra workers only supplement our core project team.

The installation team coordinates its site delivery program with the main contract schedule to meet completion deadlines. The installation process typically consists of pre-assembly of metal and glass component parts at the project site, the lifting of components by crane to the appropriate location at the site and the final assembly of major components.