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Curtain Wall   Our cladding/ curtain wall products includes metal frames in filled with glass , stone and metal panels (panels available in other materials), as well as roofing systems and related products.

  Glass fin is acting supporting member for the fašade systems, which optimized the vision of the fašade and eliminates the thermal expansion differences between glass and metal.

  Metal structure uses both steel post and steel truss structure. One of our most popular support systems, its flexibility can fully meet the criteria of demanding modern architecture. At the same time, the combination of transparent glass and steady metal structures realizes a harmony between beauty and force, elegance and strength.

  Spidery tension rod/cable utilizes a stainless steel tension rod connector for connecting the tension rod or the tension cable to the steel structure in order to form a stable spidery structure for supporting the glass curtain wall. In response to the challenge of modern architecture, architects are able to create a smooth and transparent fašade.

  We use a variety of clamping devices to integrate the glass frame and the support.

  Our fixing bolts are made of stainless steel and are used for holding the glass glazing.


PK AluInfra (P) Ltd., which began operations in 2005, specializes in the design, engineering and installation of high-end specialty curtain wall systems, including glass curtain walls, metal curtain walls, roofing systems, and related products, for public works projects and commercial real estate.