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Work Methodology  
  Cross tally actual site dimensions vs. drawings dimensions

  Floor wise establishment of horizontal groove lines and correlation with all elevations

  Monitor progress of stepped sill details in accordance with requirement

  Establish datum levels for each elevation - record deviation from drawings


a) Upon identification of datum's and completion of civil activities on the relevant elevation proceed with:

i. Bracket Fixing
ii. Issue of site dimensions for production of ladders, order our end panel glasses
iii. On progressive installation of ladder, alignments to be re-varified prior to installation of glazed panels
iv. Glazing of glass panel at our factory


a) Upon setting of datum's and completion of external plastering complete bracket and sub structure installation

b) Alignment to be re-varified installation

  Panel Production

a) Installation of ACM Panels will fallow as per datum / level achieved of glass panels

b) For Items such as ground level glazing, SS Cladding of circular columns is to be completed along with granite upstand of floor

c) Entrance decorative columns MS work and canopy framework etc., to be taken up prior to glass fixing in central grids

d) All installation to be done to to down

e) Parapet level terminations to be co-ordinated wth agency concerned to achive clean details without compromise on water tightness of ACM

f) Framed windows to be fitted after completion of plastering / tiling, etc. works

  Phase - wise hand over (either elevation / floor) to be done as per progress

  All operating hardware (handles / locks etc.) to be installed at last phase of project

Progressive clean up of facade (utilizing specialized professional firms) after completion of all external works such as grounds / terrace installation etc.

  All components of our system are sourced from ISO certified companies

  While the extrusion are sourced from Hindalco / Jindal / Bhoruka / Sangli Aluminium as per project specific drawing

  Quality Control Division (QC) strictly monitors and tests all components for conformance to required standard prior to release to the site

  Profile projectors are used to check the conformance of extrusion to the tolerance allowed

  Accessories and gaskets are checked for compatibility with the required extrusions and conformance characteristics required


PK AluInfra (P) Ltd., which began operations in 2005, specializes in the design, engineering and installation of high-end specialty curtain wall systems, including glass curtain walls, metal curtain walls, roofing systems, and related products, for public works projects and commercial real estate.